Already from the name and from company’s history it is clear, that research, development and innovation is in our blood.

65 years of experience in research and development projects is supported by more than 470 patents and copyright certificates, 1160 publications, extensive infrastructure and last but not least by the team of top experts.


We implement national, international and industrial projects in the field of basic and applied research in the following areas:

  • masterbatches and compounds of colorants and additives for modification of chemical fibers, films and plastics
  • modified mono- and bi-component staple fibers and filaments with defined structural, physical and mechanical characteristics for textile and technical applications
  • comprehensive assessment of the properties of concentrates, fibers and textile materials in laboratories accredited according to ISO / IEC 17025: 2005

Our development activities in the field of machinery and technological units and lines are mainly focused on:

  • spinning and extrusion lines
  • processing technology for polymers and chemical substances
  • recycling and agglomerating technology
  • surface treatment of materials by plasma-based technology DCSBD
  • special purpose machinery
  • automation and control systems
  • design work (Solidworks 3D CAD and SolidCAM)

With our partners from academia but also from industry we participate on solution of international research and development tasks. Among other things, we have for example participated in the international project within the 7th EU Framework Programme called SAFEPROTEX with the aim to develop protective clothing with multiple barrier properties. We are also in possession of authorization to carry out research and development issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.