High-quality polymeric additives masterbatch for firber, film and plastic applications, sold under the brand COLORSVIT © are used to modify the properties of fibers, films and plastics in the mass. They are available in a wide variety of polymeric carriers, such as PP, PE, PET, PBT, PA6, PA66, PS, PMMA, PU, PLA and others.

The functional additives masterbatch ensure modification of following properties:

  • UV barrier protection
  • antimicrobial treatment
  • light stability
  • thermal stability
  • reduced flammability
  • modifications by nanoadditives
  • thermochromic and luminescent properties
  • antistatic and conductivity characteristics
  • other

For our customers we produce also multi-component concentrates, which provide modification of more of the desired properties, and also in combination with the color components. We are also very flexible in delivery volume – from kilogram package to full truck deliveries.