Company profile

VUCHV – Research Institute for Man-Made Fibers was established on 1st of January 1951 as a sector institute, originally named Research Institute for Synthetic Fibers. Its establishment was based on the need to build own scientific, research and technology base for research, development and production of chemical fibers in the former Czechoslovakia.

Since then, VUCHV operates for more than 65 years in basic research, applied research and research for industrial practice in the fields of additives and pigments masterbatches and modifiers, standard and modified chemical fibers as well as standard and special analytical methods of assessing polymer systems. Institute also operates state-recognised testing laboratory.

The company is also engaged in project preparation of new production facilities for production of chemical fibers, the development of machinery and technology facilities and modernization of production of chemical fibers. VUCHV also develops and manufactures prototype equipment, pilot lines and special facilities for chemical fiber technology, but also for other industrial applications such as food, automotive and mechanical engineering industry.