Based on our long term research and development and the know-how in the production of chemical fibers and polymer processing, development and production of various spinning and extrusion lines or equipment belongs to our production program already for decades.

We deliver complete turnkey spinning lines for the production of PP, PES and PA filaments and staple fibers, the individual parts or nodes of these lines, including the reconstruction of older technology equipment. Capacity range and equipment of lines depends on the purpose of their use and in our offer are divided into solutions that address:

  • laboratory research and development
  • pilot product range
  • high-volume production in continuous operation

In addition to the spinning lines, the technology used in the preparation of the fibers are applied also in extrusion lines for the production of various types of products, such as :

  • monofilament fibers
  • nanofibers
  • blown and cast films
  • polymer concentrates and compounds
  • extruded profiles
  • injected moldings

In the area of the technologies for processing of polymers we also supply special technology equipment, for example:

  • injecting coloring of polymers in the mass
  • single and twin screw extruder with the required performance
  • gravimetric and volumetric dosing equipment
  • production piping and extrusion heads
  • cooling shafts, the nozzle blocks and melt dispensing systems
  • screws, heating, segments and cases for extruders
  • drying tunnels and heating channels
  • pneumatic transport of granulates
  • continuous mobile and stationary ovens for granulates
  • continuous and stationary filters for melt
  • filter test equipment
  • dinyl and oil heating systems
  • cleaning lines

By general or specific questions please contact:
Ing. Miroslav Sim, head of development department,
Phone: +421 52 7842 181, e-mail: vyvoj@vuchv.sk