High-quality polymeric pigment masterbatch for firber, film and plastic applications, sold under the brand COLORSVIT © are used for dyeing of fibers, films and plastics in the mass. They are available in a wide variety of polymeric carriers, such as PP, PE, PET, PBT, PA6, PA66, PS, PMMA, PU, PLA and others. Offered pigment masterbatches are comprised of either one pigment – the so-called monoconcentrates, or consist of a mixture of pigments.

Coloring agents:

  • carbon blacks
  • titanium dioxide Ti02
  • color pigments
  • dyes soluble in polymers

In the field of pigment masterbatch we provide the following services to our customers:

  • development of pigment masterbatch according to requirements of customers
  • tinting of colors according to supplied samples or according to RAL
  • spinning of fibers in order to control the properties of the final fiber
  • check of the output shade in the coloristic laboratory
  • control of filter index (dispersion of the additives in the concentrate)
  • production of samples of PP and PE films containing pigment masterbatch

For our customers we produce also masterbatches, which contain a combination of color components and additives ensuring the modification of the desired properties. We are also very flexible in delivery volumes – from kilogram package to full truck deliveries.