Development, design and production of technological equipment and units for the production of chemical fibers is an indispensable element in our portfolio of activities.

Already in 1955, we designed the first continuous spinning machine, and since then we have been involved in the design and manufacturing of more than 100 technological units for the production of chemical, synthetic and cellulose fibers. We also successfully use our experience and technology in the production of custom components and spare parts.


Currently, we design, manufacture and repair the equipment and technological units in the following fields:

  • chemical fiber production and processing of polymers (extrusion, spinning and extensional lines, dyeing, dosing, extrusion, drying equipment, production pipeline)
  • general chemical industry (heating systems, drying of materials, mixing, batching, filtration and cleaning devices, platforms, stainless steel containers and tanks)
  • food processing (tableting, dosing, conveying and piercing equipment, stainless steel program)
  • recycling industry (recycling plants for processing of textile waste, grinding equipment)
  • other industries (logistics systems, automated manipulators, single purpose devices and customized solutions)
  • plasma surface treatment utilizing DCSBD technology

Scope of our mechanical engineering production:

  • production of spare parts and components without, or according to supplied documentation
  • production of rubber rollers (imbalanced and balanced)
  • general repairs, reconstructions and renovations of machinery and electrical parts of machines
  • repair of injection molds
  • custom production
  • supply of automation and control systems of lines, machinery and equipment