FIBROSAN © – polypropylene (PP) composite staple fibers for sorption of oil products


Sorption of oil products by environmental pollution due to accidents, final purification of waste waters (min. 10 liters of oil / 1 kg fibers).


FIBROSAN is a special staple fiber made from isotactic polypropylene and is modified with the mineral filler. In comparison with standard fibers the modification develops a change of internal morphology and surface dimensional transformations. Compared to unmodified fibers, higher specific area of the composite fibers allows to offer new functional properties.


  • linear density (dtex): 6,7
  • cut length (mm): 5, 10, 12, 38, 60, 90, 115, 130, 150
  • relative strength (cN/dtex): 3,0
  • elongation (%): 150
  • curls frequency (cm-1): 3 – 7
  • filler content (wt%): 10 – 15
  • sorption capacity (liters  per kg of fibers): min. 10

Ability to retain oil substances depends on the filler content and technological conditions of the fiber production.

FIBROSAN is suitable for oil spill cleanup or wherever contamination of environment by petroleum substances is a risk, caused mainly by accidents of technological equipment or transport vehicles. Product can be also used for fine purification of waste waters before their drainage.

Delivery & package:
Product is delivered in its natural forms – cable, staple fiber or flake. From these forms different segments, snakes, pillows or nonwovens with/without carrier layer can be further manufactured.
Staple fiber and flakes are delivered pressed inside the film package weighing up to 100 kg or as a bulk material in PE bags with the weight up to 20 kg. Product is further delivered and stored in cardboard boxes with the weight up to 70 kg.